Web development takes many different forms, from conventional web pages to CRMs, administration panels and more complex software. In order to develop all these platforms optimally, it is essential to use the best technologies for web development.

The popularity of these developments continues to grow in the business environment for all the benefits they offer: Online presence, organization, total availability, or trust, among others. Arriving at surprising figures that reflect the importance of a company having this type of space.

We believe it convenient to start by differentiating between the main segments that make up any web development.

First of all, we find the frontend, the visible part of the platform, where users interact and access the content. On the other hand, we have the backend, in charge of the logic, allowing the interface to work, processing the information and connecting to the server.

To manage both, you need a series of languages and frameworks, these are the technologies for web development that we are going to analyze in detail.

It is important not to confuse them with CMS like WordPress, PrestaShop or Magento. These content organization systems are work environments to create platforms by users such as administrators and participants.

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