Why is corporate image so important?

Having your own identity as a brand is what will define your creative style, your personality and what distinguishes you from others. What will make you unique as a brand.

Show your best face to your customers. We develop your corporate image from scratch, with a totally professional result and at the level of the best.

The corporate image or visual identity of a company (or corporate image of a company) is the set of elements that articulate its visual environment. It is part of the disciplines framed in branding. Its mission is to establish a system for brand identification by its users.

The corporate image of a company is usually integrated by a logo (logo), which is the minimum visual unit necessary to represent a company or service. A style guide, where aspects such as brand colors, fonts, reductions or safeguard spaces are defined, among many others. And a user guide that includes the graphic solution to apply the brand in the different supports and contexts where it is represented: documentation, online supports, containers (packaging), interior and exterior signage, vehicles, exterior supports (posters, billboards, mupis , etc) or any other support that the company uses.

The image and visual identity is of the utmost importance, not only because it establishes a homogeneous communication system that allows its users to identify it, but also because it materializes each of the messages that the company sends to its consumers. It is the vehicle through which it is expressed and communicated.

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